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we craft food.

we create hospitality.

We give both to

our clients, our Guests,

& our migrant



who we are

Founded by Derek and Kat Christensen, Moonrise Standard is a small but mighty tour de force supported by a diverse community of chefs, cooks, farmers, butchers, nurturers & overall human hospitality enthusiasts.


what we do

We curate community dinner parties, experiential catering, and hands-on cooking classes. 100% of the profits from our dining experiences go to feeding hungry, homeless migrants + asylum seekers along the US Mexico border.


why we do it

We believe the bright glow of a nurturing meal and human kindness can light a long and encouraging path, a path we’re well aware lie ahead many a kind human.


“feed your soul,

Feed your neighbor”


Our Food

What is southwestern cuisine? Learn more about the foundation of our food and why it connects us to the people and land that surround us.


Field Notes

Weekly stories, thoughtful content and bright ideas sparked from the kitchen, the border and everywhere in between.


The Torch is Lit

Interested in joining team Moonrise?

Become a partner, sponsor, ambassador or volunteer to help us light the path, spread the power of food & impact of community.