We're digging deeper to connect communities with their food + the farmers that grow it

+ the path to the dinner plate + the importance of it all. 



FEASTS - Celebrate the seasons with intimate seven course engagements.

WORKSHOPS - Build new skills + ideals from the field to the kitchen.

FARM SUPPERS - Connecting communities through dirty hands + shared meals.



Our food chain is battered & bruised.

We're doing our best to help revive a food system where the health of the people,

communities & the land come before the health of pocketbooks & large corporations.

We believe that connecting with food, respecting the sources,

learning how to cook & understanding how to eat can drastically change our lives now

& the planet for years to come.








What should I expect from this so called "feast"?

Our Feasts are curated gatherings offering you an entire evening of unforgettable experiences. You’ll be greeted with a craft cocktail upon arrival, followed by a multi-course meal complemented by wine pairings and non-alcoholic options. After dessert, opportunity will present itself to converse with your new friends over freshly brewed coffee and a campfire [permitting] before departing, or simply retiring to your lodge.

When can we expect to see the menu?

We post the initial menu roughly one month before each Feast. This menu is the skeletal intent of the dinner, which is always a delicate collaboration with farmers and their crops. As with all truly farm-driven meals, the menu is always subject to slight changes due to the unforeseeable nature of, well, nature.

I'm allergic to wheat & milk & soy & sometimes meat but generally just on Wednesdays... can I still attend?

Yes & no. We work with local farmers and purveyors to create menus that highlight the best and most interesting ingredients home to each region. We invite our guests to be open to trusting the menus that we've taken care in creating. We promise, the pushing of your comfort zone will be worth it!

We can usually accommodate guests with gluten, dairy, soy, and most other intolerances or sensitivities, or those who choose a vegetarian lifestyle, but menu changes based on preference are politely declined. We ask that you enlighten us with any dietary notes at the time of purchasing your seats. Due to the nature of our Feasts, we apologetically ask any severely allergic or vegan guests not to partake.

What type of attire should one wear?

Whatever you want, as long as you wear something. A celebration of this sort is a good excuse to dress up, but we feel the denim vibes, too. Let's call it "Moonrise Casual." Keep in mind you might be walking around a farm, perhaps a pier, sometimes up a staircase, so we advise proper footwear. We also recommend a broad awareness of the weather for the evening and discretion in regards to sweaters, rain jackets and the like.

Turns out something came up two months from now, what's your refund policy?

Due to the nature of our events, we're unable to offer refunds. However, tickets are transferrable to alternate guests. Send us a note to arrange the change. 

How can I get updates when new event tickets go on sale & to keep track of what you're up to next?

Enter your email at the bottom of the page and we'll keep you well informed. 

Simple enough! You're not going to fill my email with an obnoxious amount of goulash...will you?

Nope, at most you'll receive one email a week & none of it will be goulash. Promise.

I have a question that isn't answered here, what should I do?

Head straight to our contact form & send that question right over.