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“For once it has been tilled, the richness of the soil depends upon the social and cultural wealth of the community that lives upon it.” - Verlyn Klinkenborg


We're working together with local farmers to offer events that cultivate community, education, and great food. Our Farm Suppers are accessibly priced community events that allow guests the chance to harvest and prepare a shared meal, guided of course by our chef and farmer partners. The result is a bountiful picnic that bridges demographics to reach as many in the community as possible, and offers a platform for farmers to connect with the public.

Our various Workshops educate beyond the kitchen - your learning starts in orchards and vegetable rows, where you'll learn the stories behind ingredients, come to understand regional seasonality, and get a glimpse into why organic and sustainable farming practices are important for our well being and that of our planet. Then, our chef and partner artisans will guide you through how to make the most of the bounty you've collected.

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