It’s not often you come across a beverage that reminds you of the human that you are- that tastes of the ancient earth we walk, the soil from which we grow and decay. Aromas of a wild wind blowing through forests of thought and contemplation- a mouth full of untamed spirit, lips lingered with memories of a distant people- and a soulbelly full- nurturing, comforting, soothing the path between now and next. This is, of course, mezcal- Madre Mezcal.

We are beyond excited to team up with MADRE MEZCAL and the unequivocally experiential LINE HOTEL and their poolside greenhouse restaurant Openaire, to bring you the essence of Oaxacan livelihood in the heart of downtown Los Angeles. Find this liquid life in cocktail form and naked with its best amigos, bright citrus and spiced salts- all paired alongside dishes under the influence of a playful, invigorating Mexico.

Mezcal by Madre Mezcal

Cerveza by Calidad

Cocktail Bites by Openaire, Chef Josiah Citrin

Dinner by Moonrise Standard

chappulines + citrus + salts 

nopalipops + mango aioli + tajin

palo santo smoked halibut aguachile

hand rolled sonoran wheat tortillas + tamarind butter

crispy octopus + pipian verde + blood orange + pickled onion

charred avocado + duck chicharrones + hoja santa duck broth

cazuela baked tamal + oxtail mole + queso

cast iron flan + orange blossom caramel 

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OPENAIRE - 2nd floor at The LINE HOTEL

3515 Wilshire Boulevard 

9010 Los Angeles 

Tickets are not refundable, they are transferable

For guests 21+

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