Wren, Wes + The Wild West April 8th

Wren, Wes + The Wild West April 8th


It's not often you find yourself sitting about an old Phoenix home turned brewery sipping a perfectly balanced brew, only to find its complex and soothing flavors elevated by wood fired and hand crafted local foods. Lucky for you that time is near as we partner with our good friends at WREN HOUSE BREWING COMPANY!     

There lies a deep-seated energy within many a folk who choose to live a life of deliberate exploration, whose frontier is a constant next step bridging the gap between the unknown and the known, the current and the better, the now and the next.

Gather around the table and dine on artfully prepared foods native and integrated to our desert landscape as we celebrate the forgotten travels of John Wesley Powell and sip on same waters he once ventured, brought to life through the unparalleled explorations of the Wren House.

Pay homage to Wes, the first frontiersman to paddle down the Colorado River, laying the groundwork for southwestern pioneering and opening the doors to settling in a territory we too have settled- All the while sharing appreciation for the impassioned brewers of the Wren House, whose readied minds and calloused hands practice new and unfounded ways of crafting quality ales.



sonoran wheat toast + trout rillette + wild greens
cactus paddle + smoked melon + fresno chile


charred spring squash + rabbit pate + pepita
tepary beans + roasted quail + cactus fruit vinaigrette


venison shank + creamed cornbread + dates
preserved pumpkin + agave + citrus

(menu subject to change)


Wren House Beers to be Served:
Taproom Draft Pour (of choice) 12 oz
Valley Beer - American Lager - 9 oz
Saison of Sorts - Farmhouse Ale - 9 oz
Christmas Cactus - Barrel Aged Imperial Stout - 5 oz

Gather at 6:30
Dinner begins at 7:00
Wren House Brewing Co
2125 North 24th Street


For guests age 21 and over.

Please note any dietary restrictions at time of checkout. See our FAQ for more details.

Tickets are nonrefundable, they are transferable. 

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