Consider this

your invitation-


Be it a beachy bon fire, a mezcal tasting, a civil protest,

a mushroom forage through the forest, dance therapy, or dog yoga- 


Maybe even a spanish reading of the old man & the sea

paired to the likes of classic flamenco guitar-

you’re invited.


We craft oppourtunities to explore the various arts, 

food scenes and cultural hot spots that surround us.


Learn a new skill,

Make a new friend


Grow out your civil disobedience with

thoughtful conversation and a solid set of ears.


Social indifferences (&injustices),  environmentalism, 

and sustainability are just a few themes that spark

our tinderbox.


Others include: Stars, the ocean, the desert, 

the original Karate Kid, and our next adventure.


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please note: open minds only.

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