We draw this humble harrow

Over the highest hills & beyond the deepest valleys

Stirring a familiar but forgotten sediment

Forging a path for those who follow a different clock

One whose tick & tock are announced not by man

But of the seasons & the tides & the sun & its shadow-

Together we run on:

Moonrise Standard.

We summon those in our time zone,

Those found under the best of boot-soles,

The tenders of farms & the brewers of hops,

Impassioned makers & inspired craftsfolk

Who share our collective calling:

To build a better food system.

One that produces a particular sustenance

The kind that nourishes the body & mind

The head & the heart

All the while enriching our soil

Respecting our rivers

Sprouting a sustainable disposition.

We’re cultivating a kinship between

Ourselves, our food & our land.

We’re sowing seeds of a common understanding,

That our own vitality

The well being of our communities & the health of our land

Are dependent on our choices here & now, everyday.

Join us as we till & tend

Bequeathed to the dirt from which we come

Stretching our roots deep within society

& as we grow old & ripen & soften

May the seeds be spread for many harvests to come.



Derek Christensen