Moonrise Standard is a time zone- a series of movements and moments built for humans and the earth.

Founded and fueled by the power of food, we connect around the table and the fire. You'll find us on farms and vineyards, sometimes the wilderness or at sea. We find solace on the beach, at breweries and backyards. Join us as we craft a kinship, a culture and a quest for endless discovery- all in the way of food.

A clock set to Moonrise Standard runs slower than most, giving us time to disconnect from the screen, the ring and urgency. When the waves are open, its time to reconnect- with yourself, the earth below, and the folks around you. We find they all carry some connected goodness.

While we spend most of our days traveling and setting up shop throughout the american west, we're not huge fans of borders or limitations- if it calls to us and feels right, we'll be there.